Car rental Prague

Rental of pick-ups, microbuses and vans compliant with B-class driving license, vans with towing bracket, optional driver for hire. Delivery and pick up of the vehicle is free of charge. Car transport, removal, nonstop operation.

Car rental Autonemam

Car rental Autonemam provides rental of utility vehicles (vans, pick-ups,microbuses). Autonemam also provides assistance service, road transport, removal and passenger transport.

Both short- and long- term rental is offered. The cars can be used for domestic transport as well as abroad. We can provide taxi van with driver/mover.

Rental car Pragu is located near airport and metro station Dejvická. We deliver and pick-up your car at airport, metro station Dejvická for free.

The Autonemam Car rental which operates in Prague and Mladá Boleslav, is specialised in rental of vehicles for transport of large volumes of cargo..

Thanks to the flexibility of our car rental it is possible to arrange a rental even at the weekends and in case of an order amounting to more than 3.700 CZK you will get delivery and pick up of the vehicle (including airport) FREE OF CHARGE!

Our car rental is one of the few, which on one hand offer brand new vans with air conditioning and on the other hand standardly equipped cars at a discounted price.

Both short- and long- term rental is offered.

Rental of less than one day is charged as 24 hours.
  • All utility vehicles on offer are compliant with the B-class driving license.
  • We offer large vans as well as small ones, which are manipulated as easily as a passenger car.
  • We also offer optional GPS navigation covering all of Europe.
  • Vehicles equipped with a towing bracket.
  • Parking in the guarded car park our rental car.
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