Car rental Prague

Rental of pick-ups, microbuses and vans compliant with B-class driving license, vans with towing bracket, optional driver for hire. Delivery and pick up of the vehicle is free of charge. Car transport, removal, nonstop operation.
GPS TomTom TomTom

GPS navigation TomTom

In addition to hiring a car in our car rental you can borrow also GPS navigation with the map of whole Europe.

GPS navigation contains complete navigation system, which is controlled via touch screen (format 4.3'), two or three-dimensional display of the map, daily or night mode of display and voice navigation. Re-charging of the device is possible by car socket or by integrated battery.

Car Rental fees
User interface 22 languages including Czech
Communication Bluetooth, USB 2.0
Battery Li-Ion, 4 hours in service
Weight 340 g
Proportions 112 x 81 x 66 mm
Display (16:9) WQVGA 480x272px
Hard disc 20GB